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Academic Policies



Early registration is recommended to ensure your place in class. To register, visit the campus or register online. 
There is a $25 non-refundable registration fee.
Payment could be made at the office by cash, a certified check, money order or by credit card using Paypal. If paying online, please print a copy of your payment.


Being on time and attending all classes is expected. Lateness and absences will affect your grade. Missing approximately 20% of a class is grounds for suspension.


For classes which require an unpaid experience in order to complete the requirements of the Certificate, you must successfully complete the course work, be current on tuition, and submit all required medical records.

For programs that require externships, the following test are required: Drug Screen, Background checks , and TB Test.


You will be refunded all payments if:

  • There are no vacancies in your selected course
  • The course is cancelled
  • You cancel in writing within five (5) days of registering before the classes start.
  • After 5 days of registration or if classes have begun, any cancellation will result in an Administrative Fee. Once class starts, there is a withdrawal charge of 25% of course costs, plus book costs and an Administrative Fee.

Dress Code

Students are responsible to purchase appropriate  scrubs for EKG Tech, Phlebotomy, and Clinical Medical Assisting Techniques-1 labs.